New Visions Mission Statement

The mission of New Visions is to bring helpful and interesting information about the mind/body/spirit dynamic to a wide base of people in the Greater Philadelphia Tri-State area. The magazine features articles by health care professionals and published authors on such topics as brainpower, emotional barriers to wellness, health conscious dentistry, etc., and key interviews with such major figures as Deepak Chopra and Brian Weiss. New Visions is also the perfect vehicle for holistic health care practitioners and new age specialists in the Tri-State area to connect to an interested readership, through profile pages, a holistic directory, an updated calendar of events, and ads about services and events.

The Advantages of New Visions Magazine:

Professional Writing
Superior ad presentation
Targeted, wide distribution

Quality: Each issue of New Visions Magazine is a “keeper.” It is designed with color and flair, and printed on glossy paper, unlike other free holistic/health magazines, which use cheaper smudgy newsprint-like paper. Because of its quality, readers hold onto New Visions Magazine longer than ordinary holistic magazines and are not embarrassed to have the magazine on their coffee tables. This “long shelf life” guarantees that your ad will be on view for a longer period of time, by a greater number of people.

Professional Writing: New Visions articles are always invigorating and stimulating, with renowned regular professional contributors, such as Barbara Brennan, acclaimed holistic cook Christine Pirello, and doctors from Thomas Jefferson Hospital’s Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine. We do not compromise the integrity of our magazine by publishing quid-pro-quo articles (an article for an ad), the dirty little secret of many other free magazines. Each issue also contains reviews of the latest books and CDs (actual reviews, not promo pieces sent out from publishers!), natural food restaurant reviews, a bi-monthly horoscope and more!

Superior Ad Presentation: Because of the superior paper stock we use and our graphic capabilities, New Visions is a magazine that presents your ad in the best possible way, in marked contrast to the drab look of even the best ad when it is printed on the cheaper newsprint-like paper other free magazines employ. You will be impressed at how good your ad looks in New Visions Magazine! If you do not have the capability of making your own ad, our talented staff will help you to design one that will meet your needs and attract the eye!

Targeted, wide distribution: With distribution of 50,000 copies to over a thousand locations throughout the Great Philadelphia Tri-State area-- Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties—New Visions Magazine can get you the results you want by reaching a wide consumer base. Distribution is also targeted to top locales, such as health food stores (including Whole Foods), new age book stores, chiropractic offices, etc., where you can attract the special type of customer you are trying to reach!


NEW VISIONS MAGAZINE is a bi-monthly, glossy color magazine distributed throughout the Greater Philadelphia Tri-State Area.

Circulation: 50,000 copies

Distribution: More than 1,000 locations (health food stores—including Whole Foods, doctors offices, new age bookstores, etc.)

Total Readership: 210,000

Who Reads New Visions: Age: 37.6; Female: 57%; Male: 43%

Average Income: Under $60,000….. 21%
$60-$90,000…… 34%
$90-$120,000…. 28%
Over $120,000… 17%

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